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Celebrate 5 Years at our “Blowback” Show

In ONE WEEK! Celebrate 5 years of No, YOU Tell It! at our BLOWBACK show. See you at Jimmy’s No. 43 on Wed, May 17th. Drinks at 6:30. Stories start right at 7 pm. FREE!

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For this special anniversary edition, returning alums Ariel Mahler and Molly Touger will swap true-life tales with newbies Gabriel Berezin and Courtney Frances Fallon. Let’s learn a bit more about our switched-up storytellers, shall we:

Gabriel Berezin is a singer, songwriter and musician. He formed and fronted the band, Monuments for 12 years and recorded three original albums, touring the country numerous times.  Conceptually the material varied between love and loss, fate, consciousness, cults, paradoxes, and anything else that falls under the umbrella of science fiction.  Gabe has never been shy about telling stories, both at social gatherings and at home where he diaries regularly like a teenager in a John Hughes movie.  After a hiatus from song-writing, he’s enjoying the freedom to tell a tale without the pressure of rhyme, or the rigidity of verses and choruses.

Courtney Frances Fallon recently relocated to the city from Western New York (Buffalo). She is a writer, performer, and director best known for You Know This Girl – a one woman satire of Girls Gone Wild culture which was performed in over a dozen cities. In January, her Vagina Postcards photo series and performance art piece Look At Me were included in the anti-Trump art show “Hands OFF My Cuntry” and now you can see her vagina lighting up a cigarette in the Huffington Post. Next she’ll be participating in the Kennedy Center Summer Playwriting Intensive.

Ariel Mahler is a writer and director who has recently made the not-so-smooth yet terribly exciting transition from theater into film. Their most recent project, Façades, centers a nonbinary trans person who falls in love with a drag queen. Hilarity and drama ensure. This spring, Ariel is working on several exciting projects, including a play to be performed in Brooklyn’s Trans Theater Fest, an independent feature film, and Dixon Place’s HOT! Festival, which they are co-curating. Thanks for coming to support this kooky and fun group of storytellers! Enjoy the show!

After stints as a journalist, publicist, backwaiter, nonprofit writer, kayak guide, and instructional designer, Molly Touger is about to embark on an MFA in creative nonfiction, a move heavily inspired by the folks at No You Tell It. She plans to thank and blame them for whatever comes next 😉


Wondering what is switched-up storytelling? Watch and see:

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Jimmy's No. 43 (43 East 7th between 2nd and 3rd Aves)

May 10, 2017 Post Comment Live Shows

Next Up: Our “Blowback” Show!

May 17 2017 @ 7:00PM

May 17th! Save the date! We had our first story meeting last week and you don’t want to miss this intense set of swapped stories inspired by the theme “Blowback” from:

Gabriel Berezin

Courtney Frances Fallon

Ariel Mahler

Molly Touger

Our last live show at Jimmy’s No. 43 until September!!

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May 17 2017 @ 7:00PM

Jimmy's No. 43 (43 East 7th between 2nd and 3rd Aves)

“Migration” Great! Save the Date!

Thank you to everyone who came out to Jimmy’s No. 43 on Wed night for our “Migration” show! Here are some fun pics from the evening.

New podcast episodes featuring the storytellers trading their true-life tales coming soon. SUBSCRIBE on iTunes and GooglePlay.

Our next installment of No, YOU Tell It! is Wednesday, May 17th at 7 pm at Jimmy’s No. 43. Save the date! 

Group photo left to right: Ken Crossland, Erika Iverson, Leslie Malaika Lewis, and Elisa DeCarlo

Click here to learn more about our switched-up storytellers.

Meet Our “Migration” Storytellers

Mar 22 2017 @ 7:00PM

Who are our “Migration” storytellers for Wednesday’s show? I’m so glad you asked!

Ken Crossland is a writer, children’s book designer, podcaster, and comedian from New York City. He’s the founder of the Curious Civilian, a website dedicated to politics and policy, and is a contributing editor to the Huffington Post, writing about government. You can follow him on Twitter (@kencrossland),, or by typing his name into Google, and seeing what comes up.

Elisa DeCarlo is a writer/performer who has performed solo shows around the country, including the critically acclaimed “Toasted,” based on a real-life murder case, and “I Love Drugs”. Her work has been collected in “Cervix With A Smile: Comic Sketches and Plays by Elisa DeCarlo” (Exit Press). She has written comedy for National Public Radio, TV Land and Nickelodeon.  Elisa is also a novelist, writer of “The Abortionist’s Daughter,” “The Devil You Say,” and “Strong Spirits”, the latter two published by Avon.  As a journalist she has been published in The New York Times, New York magazine, Sarah Lawrence magazine, and others.

Erika Iverson is a director and dramaturg for No, YOU Tell It! and has participated in almost every one of their shows as a director, performer, or both. She is a certified instructor of the Alexander Technique and an enthusiastic director of one-woman shows. She was last seen on stage at La Mama ETC as a clown of ambiguous gender and the embodiment of Air in Magis Theatre Company’s production of Calderon’s Two Dreams. She is super grateful to Kelly Jean, who provides Erika with deadlines and shames her into showing up for things on time. Thanks KJ!

Leslie Malaika Lewis is an actress, writer and producer best known for creating the solo show Miracle in Rwanda. She is the leading lady and lead producer of the film With Child, available for streaming on iTunes and Amazon. Leslie starred as Dorothy Dandridge at the National Black Theater. A Harvard graduate, she has a MFA in Acting from UCLA. Awards: The Streisand Sony Award at UCLA and an AUDELCO and Jessie Award nominee. She is a proud member of Actors’ Equity, The Magis Theater Company and The Actors Center. She thanks God, her family and friends for their support.

See you at 7 pm at Jimmy’s No. 43. We will open the back room right at 7 for the show, but feel free to come early for drinks/food in the bar area. (no min or max on either!)

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Mar 22 2017 @ 7:00PM

Jimmy's No 43 (43 East 7th btwn 2nd & 3rd Aves)

Up Next: Our “Migration” Show

Mar 22 2017 @ 7:00PM

Our next show is in ONE WEEK. See you back at our old stomping grounds, Jimmy’s No. 43, for a night of switched-up stories inspired by the theme “Migration” from:

Ken Crossland, Elisa DeCarlo, Leslie Lewis, and our very own Erika Iverson!

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Check back soon to meet our “Migration” storytellers!

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Mar 22 2017 @ 7:00PM

Jimmy's No. 43 (43 East 7th between 2nd and 3rd Aves)

NYTI & TLR team up at AWP17!

Our own Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons and Mike Dressel had a blast trading true-life tales with the editors of The Literary Review – Minna Zallman Proctor, Jessie Vail Aufiery, and Heather Lang – at the 2017 AWP Conference & Bookfair in Washington, D.C.

Here’s a few fun moments from our “Deleted Scenes” themed story swap on February 9th.

Audio soon! SUBSCRIBE to our podcast on iTunes and GooglePlay. Curious about what we do? Click here to WATCH and learn more about No, YOU Tell It!

Save the date for No, YOU Tell It! “Migration” back at our usual haunt Jimmy’s No. 43 on March 22nd at 7 pm!

What is “switched-up” storytelling? Watch and see!

Ever wonder what No, YOU Tell It! is all about? Take a look:

Thank you to friend and alum Ellie Dvorkin for producing this lovely inside look at No, YOU Tell It! Check out more of Ellie’s brillance as an actor and artist at

Want to see us in action? Good news! We’ve got two great shows coming up:

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Meet Our “Deleted Scenes” Storytellers

ONE WEEK until our special “Deleted Scenes” show at the 2017 AWP Conference & Bookfair in Washington, D.C. Going to #AWP17? Join us on Thur, 2/9, at 12 noon (Marquis Salon 9 & 10, Marriott Marquis, Meeting Level Two)

Our switched-up storytellers have been working collaboratively over the last month to develop their true-life tales on the page. Before they flip scripts to perform each other’s story on stage, we wanted you to meet them!

From top to bottom: Jessie Vail Aufiery, Minna Zallman Proctor, Heather Lang, Mike Dressel. Artwork by Letisia Cruz.


Jessie Vail Aufiery is a fiction writer, poet, and translator. She is the World Literature Editor for The Literary Review, and has an MFA from Fairleigh Dickinson University. She lives with her husband and twin daughters in Miami. You can read some of her recent work in issue #2 of jai-alai magazine, Issue 31 of Petite Hound Press, and in the anthology Paris, Etc.: Writing and Illustrations. Find her online at

Minna Zallman Proctor is the author of Landslide: True Stories, out this fall, and Do You Hear What I Hear? Her translation from Italian of Fleur Jaeggy’s speculative essays These Possible Lives is out this spring. She on the creative writing faculty at Fairleigh Dickinson University and Editor of The Literary Review. 

This month, Heather Lang was voted Best Local Writer or Poet by the readers of the Las Vegas-based Desert Companion magazineNevada’s NPR member radio station’s print publication. Heather teaches World Literature, Asian Literature, and English Composition at Nevada State College. Her poetry and prose have been published by or are forthcoming with December, The Normal School, Paper Darts, HOOT, Pleiades, and Whiskey Island, among others. Heather holds an MFA from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and she serves as Online Managing Editor of The Literary Review and Co-Editor of Petite Hound Press. Last year her writing process was on exhibit at the Nevada Humanities Program Gallery.

Mike Dressel is a writer and educator. His stories have appeared in LitbreakThe James Franco ReviewChelsea Station, and Vol. 1 Brooklyn, among others, as well as in the anthology Best Gay Stories 2016 published by Lethe Press. He was recently the recipient of an NEH Summer Seminar fellowship. He is a frequent guest judge at The Prose Bowl, a flash fiction reading series.

“Deleted Scenes” show at AWP17

We live our lives in a trance, constantly spinning, focused on our never-ending list of chores. More and more, I’ve been forcing myself to stop and take notice.

As we spin, spin, spin toward our special show the 2017 AWP Conference & Bookfair in Washington, D.C., thank goodness we took a moment to reach out to artist Letisia Cruz — who along with storyteller Heather Lang is one-half of the power duo behind Petite Hound Press — and request she create original artwork inspired by our upcoming theme “Deleted Scenes.”

You can’t help but stop and take notice of the result.

Read more about Letisia’s inspiration for this pause-worthy piece:

I’ve been thinking a lot about being present. Sometimes I drive to work and have no recollection of how I arrived. Or I drive home, park my car and walk into the kitchen before realizing I meant to stop at the grocery store. Sometimes I wake up startled in the middle of the night and ask myself: where am I? We live our lives in a trance, constantly spinning, focused on our never-ending list of chores. More and more, I’ve been forcing myself to stop and take notice. To breathe. To admire the chaos that is day-to-day life and not allow the constant parade of thoughts that the restless mind serves up to keep me from finding peace in the present moment. More and more I’ve been tearing up my to-do list, turning off my phone, and focusing on the here and now. There is beauty in the world, overwhelming, awe-inspiring beauty, and we must force ourselves to be present in order to fully appreciate it. 

For more fantastic work from Letisia Cruz check out Petite Hound Press – a miniature press based out of Las Vegas and Miami run by two tattooed, poetry-writing, art-loving ladies. Visit

Going to #AWP17? Join us on Thursday, 2/9 at 12 noon (Marquis Salon 9 & 10, Marriott Marquis, Meeting Level Two) to hear switched-up stories inspired by the theme “Deleted Scenes” from Mike Dressel, Minna Proctor, Jessie Vail Aufiery, and Heather Lang.  Hosted by Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons.

Click here to RSVP via Facebook.

Live Shows in 2017 including our AWP Event!

Looking forward to some “switched-up” storytelling in 2017?

FIRST UP, we are excited to bring No, YOU Tell It! to the 2017 Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) Conference & Bookfair in Washington D.C. in February!


Our AWP event features a dynamic team-up with The Literary Review as our own Mike Dressel, Minna Zallman Proctor (Editor of The Literary Review and author of the forthcoming Landslide), Heather Lang (co-editor of Petite Hound Press: a port for poetry and art), and Jessie Vail Aufiery (World Literature Editor for The Literary Review) trade true-life tales inspired by the theme “Deleted Scenes.”

Can’t make it to D.C. on Feb, 9th? No worries, here are the dates for our 2017 shows at Jimmy’s No. 43:

  • March 22nd, 7 pm
  • May 17th, 7 pm
  • September 20th, 7 pm
  • November 15th, 7 pm

But why wait? Click here to give a listen to our No, YOU Tell It! podcast featuring switched-up stories from our live shows. You can also SUBSCRIBE on iTunes or GooglePlay Music.

New “Two on Tuesday” episode coming next week!

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