Episodes of the No You Tell It Podcast.

Episode 33 – Deleted Scenes (Part 1)

We were excited to team up with the editors of The Literary Review to present a special switched-up storytelling panel at the 50th AWP Conference & Bookfair in Washington D.C.

Our first true-life tale was written by No, YOU Tell It!’s own Mike Dressel who experiences the opposite of “ghosting” when an overseas fling takes a dark turn via text.

Here is “Armageddon in Bloom” written by Mike Dressel and read by Heather Lang.

Switching it up, our next “Deleted Scenes” story is a layered look at friendship, coffee rituals, and the uneven walking room between women and men. Mike Dressel reads “Walking Room: But Who Hasn’t Slept with a Married Man?” written by Heather Lang.

These stories were performed live on February 9th at the 2017 Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) Conference & Bookfair. Click here to learn more about the storytellers.

Podcast narrated by Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons.

Episode 32 – Alter Egos

A gig playing the role of mystery woman at the bar – part of a scavenger hunt team building exercise – has the narrator of “Agent Hotpants” questioning what it means to play games.

From our “Alter Egos” show, here is Katherine Barron performing “Agent Hotpants” written by Debra Disbrow.


Pictured left to right Katherine Barron and Debra Disbrow. Photo credit: Gili Getz.

Do we carry ourselves throughout the day as Dr. Banner or The Hulk? Hulk or Banner? Some days negotiating the shared space of the MTA can unleash our inner transit monster. Debra Disbrow performs “Not Afraid of the Dark” written by Katherine Barron.

These stories were performed live at Jimmy’s No. 43 on September 17th, 2013. Episode 32 narrated by Mike Dressel.

Here are the “switched-up” storytellers bios from that evening:

Katherine Barron up and quit her day job, what a gift! She journeyed north in 2002 from NC and will be here until the wind shifts. Days are filled with auditions, paid gigs, standardized patient work, writing, and tea with friends. Despite the overwhelming resemblance, The Incredible Hulk is not her brother. www.katherinebarronarts.com

Debra Disbrow is a performer, writer, director and educator based in NY. She has created original work for Dixon Place, Clown Theater Festival, Movement Research, Triskelion Arts, Fury Factory, Live Arts, Philly Fringe, Walnut St Studio and others. She was a resident interdisciplinary artist at Earthdance ElMerge for two seasons and sings on various recordings with the Roadside Graves and musician Jeremy Benson. Founding member of Workshop for Potential Movement and The Stenographers. MFA in Theater from Naropa University.

Episode 31 – Fiction Edition (Part 2)

It’s the Fiction Edition! For this special anniversary show, we invited a few of our favorite storytellers back to experiment with a change from our usual true-life tales.

Spending time with your family over the holidays? It isn’t always as perfect as we hope it will be. An attempt to re-capture the past backfires in Katie Johnston’s story “Back to the Beach,” read for us by Todd Faulkner.

Looking to make a lasting change in how you approach your health in 2017? Click here to visit Katie Johnston Wellness to learn more about her personal coaching approach.


Todd Faulkner & Katie Johnston perform live at Jimmy’s No. 43 on June 21, 2015. Photo credit: Larry Auerbach

Todd Faulkner is the co-creator of the paranormal podcast Uncanny County. Fans of that podcast will recognize this story as a prequel to Episode 4, “Coulrophobia.”

For those who haven’t listened yet, trigger warning: CLOWNS. Switching it up, here’s Todd Faulker’s “Clowning Around,” performed by Katie Johnston.



Want to take a trip to Uncanny County? Click here to listen to their special holiday mini-episode “On a Christmas Uncanny” written by Todd Faulkner.

This month, our weird tale takes the form of a holiday poem: Sheriff Rowland tries to capture her annual visitor – a mythological creature that’s been raising a ruckus on early Christmas mornings since she was a small child…

Suitable for all ages.


December 28, 2016 Post Comment Podcast

Episode 30 – Noted

First up from our “Noted” show is a story about accepting your accomplishments and honoring your failures. Of gratitude in the face of disappointment. Of learning to take the note as they say in the theatre – when to wear the mask and when to let it fall away. Here is Jim Cairl performing Stephanie Willing’s “Anybodies Came From a Small How Town.”


“Noted” Artwork by Allison Gazdik – read about her inspiration below.

In this story of freshman year of college, newfound freedom, and the history of the Roman Empire, our narrator learns the importance of preparation and paying attention to instructions. Switching it up, Stephanie Willing performs Jim Cairl’s “Lacuna.”

These stories were performed live at Jimmy’s No 43 on June 3rd, 2013. Here are the “switched-up” storytellers bios from that evening:

Jim Cairl (in addition to being a gigantic nerd) wrote an adaptation of the Maupassant short story Madame Tellier’s Establishment that was performed at Theater for the New City’s Dream Up! festival last year and was a writer on the Web series “Intersection.” As an actor, Jim is a founding member of The Mighty Theater, and appeared in True West, and An Apology on the Course and Outcome of Certain Events as Delivered by Doctor John Faustus on This His Final Evening. He also performed in the One Minute Play Festival at Primary stages, several shows in the New York Fringe Festival, and in the independent feature film, “Homecoming” with Josh Hamilton. He also won on the TV Quiz show “Jeopardy” and (briefly) talked to Alex Trebek.

But, far more important than any of the preceding is his amazing wife, Victoria and the very nearly fully ripened baby she is busy tending.

Stephanie Willing is an actor/dancer/writer, and she is thrilled to be doing two of the three at the same time with No, You Tell It! She has performed with many indie theater companies including The Theater Accident, Blue Coyote Theatre, Nosedive, Piper Mackenzie, Gemini Collisionworks, and many Brick Theater festivals. She recently choreographed for Rosie the Retired Rockette (EstroGenius Festival), Blood Brothers Present…(Nosedive), and The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival performance of Feiffer’s People.  Her writing has been presented by the Writer’s Voice, where she continues to study memoir and creative writing.

We reached out to Allison Gazdik to come up with original artwork for our “Noted” show and here is what she had to say about the theme and how she devised this fantastic image:

The idea behind this piece for the “noted” theme was one of lessons learned. The first image that came into my head was of someone in the rain, as some of our most valuable lessons come from painful experiences. The well-known quote people usually think of is “that which does not kill us makes us stronger” by Friedrich Nietzsche. I wanted to take a colorful and slightly humorous approach to the idea by depicting a gray Nietzsche under a rain of colors, a fitting blend of optimism and pessimism towards life’s lessons. 

You can find more of Allison’s work on deviantart and in her portfolio.

Episode 29 – Elected

Our recent show fell the day after the presidential election and was a special evening of swapped stories, welcome laughter, and free hugs.


pictured left to right Christopher Green, Nick Martorelli, and Susan Ferrara

Kicking off the night, which featured a tri-flip of three true-life tales inspired by the theme – Yep, you guessed it – ELECTED, Nick Martorelli takes his role as snack food judge quite seriously in “Mr. Adventure.” Read for us here by Christopher Green.

Switching it up, our next story travels back to a time when the Cubs winning the World Series was still a far-off fantasy. At 4 am, however, the lines between imagination and reality blur. Nick Martorelli reads “The Wizard” written by Susan Ferrara.

Finally, closing out our tri-flip, Susan Ferrara reads “Flex” written by Christopher Green, co-host of The Prose Bowl, about  his days working in the cryogenically frozen world of a K-Mart in Kentucky.

These stories were performed live at Jimmy’s No. 43 on November 9th, 2016. Click here to check out the storytellers’ bios.

Episode 28 – Firsts (Part 2)

Only want to be free
We huddle close
Hang on to a dream

Iracel Rivero contemplates her life in America and her first trip back to Cuba after leaving as a small child, and along the way tries to answer the question –Where are you from? Miriam Lipner reads “I Came Over on a Boat.”


pictured left to right Miriam Lipner and Iracel Rivero

Switching up the stories, Miriam Lipner explains what happens when an Israeli-born mom takes her American children back to visit the mother country. Entering the country is great, but when you want to leave, Mama Israel makes demands. Here is “First Performance,” read for us by Iracel Rivero.

These swapped stories are from our second show, ironically themed “Firsts,” and were performed live at Jimmy’s No. 43 on Monday, July 30th, 2012.

Here are the switched-up storytellers’ bios from that evening:

MIRIAM LIPNER  is very excited to be a part of this project!  Some favorite roles include Joan La Pucelle in Henry VI (Judith Shakespeare Company), Lady Percy in Henry IV Parts 1 and  2 (ShakespeareNYC), Hermia in A Midsummer Nights’ Dream (Queens Players), Ellen/Marian Spitzer in Vaudeville or Bust (Stage Door Acting Ensemble), and  Little Simone in Quantum Poetics (Stolen Chair). She can also been seen as the Great Pirate Lackbeard in the web series Pirates vs Hobos. Love to Salvatore.

IRACEL RIVERO: in the spirit of the evening’s theme, this is Iracel’s first foray into writing.  Thanks for your patience. She recently purchased a record player.  If you have comedy LPs, please let her know.  She may invite you over for tea and sandwiches.

Episode 27 – Just Desserts

Listen up for a story of online dating and childbirth, the contrast between big moments and small gestures, and lives moving at different paces — where a near stranger knows the right words and sometimes you get blood on your shoe. From our “Just Desserts” evening, here is Nicole Greevy performing Julia Granacki’s “Dessertbeforedinner78.”


pictured left to right Nicole Greevy and Julia Granacki – photos by Gili Getz

Switching up the stories, the mortification of missing a question on a television game show calls the author’s sense of self, and worth, into question. Here is Julia Granacki performing Nicole Greevy’s lesson in humility entitled “Smart.”

Want to hear more from the one-of-a-kind mind of Nicole Greevy? Click here to give a listen to Episode 7 of the paranormal podcast Uncanny County: Rainbow Magic Kittens (come on! how could you not?) written and produced by Nicole.

Stories performed lived at Jimmy’s No. 43 on 9/24/2012. Here are the storytellers’ bios from that evening:

Julia Granacki is the author of “Dessertbeforedinner78” and has had an indecisive and confusing career. Some highlights include: Head Makeup Artist for Cirque Du Soleil’s La Nouba, performer/collaborator in Alternate Plan Production’s experimental dance theatre piece The Beauty Project and dancer/collaborator in their short dance film Bella, Costume Designer for several shows at The Vineyard Playhouse, Wig Designer for several shows at The Wilma Theatre, Performer in Tuesday at the Prince Theatre, and Director of Tod Kimbro’s My Illustrious Wasteland at the 2009 NY Musical Theatre Festival. Currently, as her alter-ego Haikulia, she writes haikus about zombies and other subjects at www.haikulia.com. She also directs, produces and performs in the webseries Hot Mess at www.shesamess.com.

Nicole Greevy is the author of “Smart” and is thrilled to be working with No, YOU Tell It! She recently finished shooting the comedic pilot, “Extreme Parenting” (co-written with her husband, Todd Faulkner). Other work includes the webseries Exorcists Local 667, and educational short plays  for the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Milwaukee Zoo.  Love to Todd and Griffin, who are both awesome.

October 11, 2016 Post Comment Podcast

Episode 26 – Blanked (Part 2)

Did you ever get a song stuck in your head? What about a place? Or a moment in time? Kicking off the second half of our recent “Blanked” show, Tobias Carroll contemplates the quirks of the mind in “Ambient Spaces.”  Read for us here by Alex Rubin.

We’re excited to share that “Ambient Spaces” was accepted for publication by Funhouse in the UK. Go Tobias!


On the left: Our lovely audience at Jimmy’s No. 43. Top right: Alex Rubin & Bottom right: Tobias Carroll

Moving from a repeated memory to a lack of one, Alex Rubin explores a relatable “blanking” moment –  being trapped in a social situation with someone you can’t quite place. Switching it up, Tobias Carroll reads: “Symbolism at the Snack Table.”

Congratulations to Alex Rubin for recently being named the First Prize Winner of Writer’s Digest Writing Competition in the category of Playwriting!


“Switched-up” Storyteller Bios:

Tobias Carroll is the managing editor of Vol.1 Brooklyn. He is the author of two books: a short story collection, Transitory, and Reel, a novel.

Alex Rubin‘s plays and songs have been produced at The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, The Dramatists Guild, Theater for the New City, Primary Stages, NYU’s Steinhardt School, 54 Below, The Samuel French OOB Festival, and more. She is the recipient of the Francis Ford Coppola Award, a SPACE on Ryder Resident, a finalist for the 2015 Davenport Songwriting Competition, a semi-finalist for The O’Neill Summer Conference, a semi-finalist for Red Women’s Theatre Award, the 2013/14 Big Vision Empty Wallet Playwriting Fellow, and the winner of The 85th Annual Writers Digest Award in Playwriting. www.AlexRubinWrites.com


Episode 25 – Blanked (Part 1)

What exactly happens at No, YOU Tell It! show? Give a listen to the first half of our recent “Blanked” night at Jimmy’s No. 43 featuring a story swap from Ryan Donovan and Jennifer Harder and all will be revealed…


“Finally, a Vacation” written by Ryan Donovan and performed by Jennifer Harder & “Runaway” written by Jennifer Harder and performed by Ryan Donovan.


Ryan Donovan grew up rootless, born outside of San Francisco to parents from other time zones. They moved north to Washington state for his high school years, and has roved restless ever since, spending time in Pittsburgh, Chicago, Seattle, and now New York City. He pays his bills by writing instructional and marketing materials for technology companies. But he writes stories secretly, revealing them for select readers.

Jennifer Harder first started acting with the Flint Youth Theatre in Michigan. She received a BFA from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, where she studied at Lee Strasberg Institute and with faculty of Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland and has worked with companies including chashama, 29th St. Rep, Target Margin, Les Freres Corbusier, and on tour to the Capital, Dublin, and Montréal Fringe Festivals as well as the Ibero-American Theater Festival. Jennifer was a founding member of theater company The Management and received a NY Innovative Theater Award for Outstanding Actress in a Featured Role. When not acting, she can be found playing trumpet with Hungry March Band and Balthrop, Alabama. She has toured and performed with pirate band Skull Buggery, clown band The Maestrosities, gypsy punks Gogol Bordello, and in her vaudeville act Bathtub Jen and the Henchmen. Jenny is also the host of radio show Blonde Thunder Presents, available as a podcast on iTunes. www.jenniferharder.com

September 20, 2016 Post Comment Podcast

Episode 24 – In Transit (Part 2)

We give our storytellers a new, evocative theme for each No, YOU Tell It! and ask them to come into our into our initial story meeting with a first draft inspired by that theme, allowing wide space for interpretation.

For our “In Transit” show, Colby Black and Brian Hutchinson brought in distinct, yet perfectly parallel, stories of their love affairs with cars.

Meet Erica, a souped-up temptress who lured Brian to spend his scholarship money on her. And, in the days before GPS, it wasn’t easy to find his way home. Read by Colby Black, here is Brian Hutchinson’s story, “One car: $2500.”

in-transit-photo(pictured left to right: Colby Black and Brian Hutchinson)

Switching up the stories, rare model Jolene led Colby Black all the way across the country.  Complete with a soundtrack by the Talking Heads, here’s Colby’s cross-country journey read by Brian Hutchinson, “My God, What Have I Done?”

Check out Colby’s latest creative endeavor, Renaissance Person, which he describes as “a happy hour for the insatiably curious” at RenaissancePerson.com.

Their next live event RP Presents: September Curiosity Quenchers is on 9/25 and you can click here for all the information.

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