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Episode 5 – Alumni Show

This episode features a pair of stories from our first No, YOU Tell It! alumni reading at The Astoria Bookshop, written and performed by returning participants Marcos Stafne and Jeff Wills (pictured left to right).

Marcos Stafne and Jeff Wills

We’ve all had to deal with erratic, uncooperative co-workers. But when that co-worker is Fantasia, a 20-foot, 300-pound albino Burmese python, things get a bit tricky. When Fantasia escapes her enclosure at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, Marcos Stafne has to act, despite his lifelong antipathy toward snakes.

Snake Dreams – written by Marcos Stafne & performed by Jeff Wills.

Switching it up, in Jeff Wills’ second-person narrative a wintry morning commute becomes the stuff of myth. Our narrator embarks on an odyssey through the frozen boroughs of New York, navigating icy avenues, crowded buses, and stifling subway trains in order to drop his daughter off at daycare and get his wife, and himself, to work on time.

Errant – written by Jeff Wills & performed by Marcos Stafne.

These stories from our alumni show on July 17th, 2014 were directed by Mike Dressel. Thank you to The Astoria Bookshop for hosting our alumni reading! Visit them online at www.astoriabookshop.com.


Marcos Stafne, is a proud alumni and supporter of the No, YOU Tell It! family. His first NYTI story, “The Anxiety of Emptiness,” was featured in November 2012’s Urban Dwellers series. Marcos has been working in museums for the past 20 years, and writes for various blogs and scholarly journals. Marcos splits time between White River Junction, Vermont (town slogan: it’s not so bad) and Brooklyn, NY.

Jeff Wills earned his BFA from VCU, and was a working actor for fifteen years before taking a chance on the fast-paced glamour of a career in museum administration. He has worked at the Rubin Museum of Art for four years, which requires virtually none of his oratory, circus, dialect, or Commedia del’Arte training. Jeff teaches workshops and private lessons in acting in general, and physical theatre in specific. In addition to acting, teaching and directing, Jeff has written three full-length plays of his own, collaborated on writing a half a dozen more, and takes full responsibility for innumerable short stories. He is dad to a three-year-old daughter and has a son due in December 2015. For more on Jeff’s creations and preoccupations, please visit www.JeffWills.net.

Episode 4 – Legacy

Citizens of Earth! Episode 4 features a pair of sweetly geeky swapped stories from E. James Ford and Nicole Greevy. Part of The Brick’s Comic Book Theater Festival, for this special edition our ‘Legacy’ storytellers based their true-life tales around this stunning piece of comic art created by Sha-Nee Williams.

Legacy collection

In turn, the fantastic Sha-Nee attended the collaborative workshop sessions we hold to develop the stories on the page and generated an individual image for each story that appeared on stage at the festival. WAIT, the parade of talent we have been fortunate enough to work with continues…

Impressed by No, YOU Tell It!’s slick new website? ‘Legacy’ storyteller E. James Ford made it! That’s right, he’s a kick-ass writer, performer, AND web designer. Check out more of his work here.


Stories from our ‘Legacy’ show at The Brick Theater on June 8, 2014:

League of Absence written by E. James Ford & performed by Nicole Greevy was directed by Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons

Nerd: The Next Generation written by Nicole Greevy & performed by E. James Ford was directed by Erika Iverson.

Episode 3 – Three Strikes (part 2)

In the second half of our ‘3 Strikes’ show, Daniel Mahler and Jenn Wehrung  swap stories about a first love and many, many lives not content to stay in the past. Did you know that part of the fun at our lives shows is to ask the author a personal question before their partner performs their story? You will once you listen!

Jenn Wehrung and Dan Mahler

Photo credit: Gavin Starr Kendall 


Stories from our ‘3 Strikes’ show at Jimmy’s No. 43 on September 16th, 2015:

What to do with a Rusty Nail – written by Daniel Mahler & performed by Jenn Wehrung was directed by Erika Iverson.

Regressioning – written by Jenn Wehrung & performed by Daniel Mahler was directed by Mike Dressel.


Daniel Mahler is a Boston-area transplant living in Astoria, Queens. He is an actor, theater educator, playwright, and human ecologist, who is thrilled to be presenting in his first ever “No You Tell It” Workshop Performance! Daniel co-runs a nonprofit summer theater company in Bar Harbor, Maine, the Harborside Shakespeare Company. He is a proud alumnus of College of the Atlantic (also in Bar Harbor,) and Emerson, in Boston. He is also very excited to be writing and producing an original webseries titled “Façades,” which chronicles the stories of gender conforming and gender nonconforming artists in the city.

Jenn Wehrung is a stand-up comic, actor, singer, writer, teacher, dog lover and dancer. OK, that last one is a stretch but… She produces and hosts Laugh It Up, Astoria! a monthly comedy show at QED: A Place To Show & Tell and won the countywide storytelling competition in 6th Grade.

Episode 2 – Three Strikes (part 1)

Episode 2 of our new weekly No, YOU Tell It! podcast features the opening half of our team-up with TLR show. Listen to switched-up stories inspired by the theme ‘3 Strikes’ from The Literary Review’s  Kahle Alford and Tim Waldron.

The second half of our ‘3 Strikes’ show will be available soon. Don’t miss a dynamic flip of true-life tales from Jenn Wehrung and Daniel Mahler about facing the ghosts of ourselves – SUBSCRIBE today!

Episode 2

Photo credit: Gavin Starr Kendall 

Stories from our ‘3 Strikes’ show at Jimmy’s No. 43 on September 16th, 2015:

Worry’s for the Well-Rested – written by Tim Waldron & performed by Kahle Alford was directed by Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons.

Making Taxidermy Fun Again – written by Kahle Alford & performed by Tim Waldon was directed by Erika Iverson.


Kahle Alford has an MFA in Creative Writing from Fairleigh Dickinson. She studied at Tisch’s Experimental Theatre Wing while earning her BFA in Acting from NYU. Favorite things include: working with TLR, playing Sarah Connor in Terminator the Second, and being married to David. She can be found writing poetry somewhere between Brooklyn and Nashville with her basset hound writing partner.

Tim Waldron is the author of the short-story collection WORLD TAKES published by Word Riot Press. He is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University’s MFA program and is the Online Fiction Editor of The Literary Review.

Episode 1 – Urban Dwellers

From our Urban Dwellers show, here is a pair of switched-up stories about love, loss, and leaving your punk rock youth behind.

Monograph Series

written by Alexandra Gray & performed by Fred Backus

Urban Dwellers

written by Fred Backus & performed by Alexandra Gray

GG Allin Says Goodbye


Stories were directed by Erika Iverson as part of our live show at Jimmy’s No. 43 on November 12th, 2012.

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