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Visit Us & TLR at the Brooklyn Book Festival!

Thank you to everyone who came out to our special team-up show with The Literary Review on Wednesday at Jimmy’s No. 43.

TLR greats Kahle Alford (Associate Prose Editor) and Tim Waldron (Online Fiction Editor) ended up hitting it out of the park when they swapped their ‘3 Strikes’ stories.

3 Strikes Kahle and Tim

Sad you missed the show and the chance to win some literary swag?

Good news. Subscribe to our NEW NYTI Weekly PODCAST and you can hear Kahle and Tim’s stories when their episode airs this week. You can also visit us at The Literary Review’s booth at the Brooklyn Book Festival today – Sunday, September 20th. #246!

Heading into Fall with 3 Strikes

Sep 16 2015 @ 7:00PM


We’re excited to head into fall with  3 Strikes, taking place Sept.16th at 7PM (details here). We reached out to artist Sebastian Moya to create this striking image for the show. Here are his thoughts on the theme and his process:

When I heard the theme for this installment of No, You Tell It! my first thought was, of course, baseball.  But a very close second were three strikes sentencing laws, whereby repeat offenders receive harsher sentences after their third offense.  Such policies were enacted by 24 states in the mid-1990s as part of a “Tough on Crime” movement which led to our current rates of incarceration, the highest in the developed world.

At a time when public opinion is turning against these kinds of policies, this seemed like a timely subject.  The use of sporting terminology in criminal justice seems trivializing, so I thought mixing the two, by covering a prison cell with baseball wallpaper, would be suitably absurd.  Surrounding those that have “struck out” and landed in jail with antagonistic pitchers adds a more sinister note to the seemingly childish decoration though. On a more technical note, I’ve been meaning to learn to make repeat patterns and work more with vector art, so that definitely informed the illustration as well!

About the Artist: Sebastian Moya is a New York based cartoonist and librarian with a BA in Art and Linguistics from Swarthmore College and a Masters in Library Science from Pratt Institute.  He has provided illustrations for Murmuration Theater, MGSCOMM, authors, and researchers.  As a cataloger he has worked for Gap Inc., Clinique, the Guggenheim, and Smithsonian. His webcomic, comics.sebasm.com, updates weekly.

Event Information

Sep 16 2015 @ 7:00PM

Jimmy's No. 43, East 7th Street, New York, NY, United States, 40.728293, -73.98855100000003

Erika Iverson at City Harvest Benefit

Last night, our own director & dramaturg Erika Iverson eloquently told a story about losing her mother to cancer and the moments of “Grace in the World” where she finds her again.

Erika originally developed this story as part of our Religion show, where it was performed by her gallant partner Jorge Cordova.

The way Jorge embodied and honored Erika’s story at our first show was so powerful, but watching Erika bring everything full circle by stepping back into her shoes and sharing her deeply emotional experience was a true moment of grace.

The event was Bloom: Becoming Who You Are an evening of storytelling and song produced by OSNY Productions benefiting City Harvest.

The musician following Erika complimented her on her performance saying,

They say vulnerability is the new currency…

To which, Erika immediately threw her hands up in the air and shouted,

I’m rich!!

Thank you to all of the NYTI switched-up storytellers we have worked with over the last 3 years. Your stories, generosity, and vulnerability has made us rich!

You know, in a George Bailey kind of way. We’re still working on the other way. More soon…

NYTI: Fiction Edition Coming Soon!

Jun 17 2015 @ 7:00PM

In June, we like switching-up the switch-up to do something new! We had a blast last year with our LEGACY show at The Brick’s Comic Book Theater Festival.

On June 17th, we are thrilled to present our first ever Summer “Fiction Edition.”

We’ve assembled 4 fabulous NYTI alums who switched-up their true-life tales with us previously and are now busy taking on this new

genre. However, our motto still applies: What better way to inform your story than hearing someone else perform your story?

Raquel I. Penzo, author and producer of La Pluma y La Tinta. Upcoming event on 6/25: New Voices in the Boroughs: Queens at Q.E.D. Astoria

Jim Cairl, co-writer with our own Kelly Jean on the web series Intersection

Todd Faulkner, co-creator of the paranormal podcast Uncanny County – coming this fall to a dimension near you…

Katie Johnston, one of the amazing ladies from our “Revelation” workshop at Q.E.D. and who is joining us again this June for our next session. (starts 6/7, click here to grab a spot and switch-up your story!)

Come out for our Summer “Fiction Edition” and help us celebrate 3 years of switched-up storytelling!

Wednesday 6/17, 7 p.m. at Jimmy’s No. 43. RSVP here.

Event Information

Jun 17 2015 @ 7:00PM

Jimmy's No. 43, East 7th Street, New York, NY, United States

Upcoming Workshop at Q.E.D.

Write Your Story. Perform Someone Else’s. Register for our upcoming workshop at Q.E.D. A Place to Show & Tell.

Sundays in June (12-2) starting 6/7 + a show on the Q.E.D. stage: June 29th @ 8 p.m. $150

Take your true-life tale – inspired by the theme Tongue-Tied – from page to stage and improve your writing & performing skills all in one month.

Nothing informs your work like hearing someone else perform your work!


Last of the Metamoras by Matthew Trumbull

Closing out the evening, here is Jessica Cannon performing Matthew Trumbull’s story “Last Of the Metamoras.”

Internets is Forever by Jessica Cannon

Starting the second half of Revival, here is Matthew Trumbull performing “Internets is Forever,” written by Jessica Cannon.

The Thing About Egypt by Mark Pagan

Now switching it up, here is Barbara Christina Witmer performing Mark Pagán’s “The Thing About Egypt.”

When There’s No Such Thing by Barbara Christina Witmer

Opening up our evening of stories based on the theme Revival, here is Mark Pagán performing Barbara Christina Witmer’s piece “When There’s No Such Thing.”

Meet Our REVIVAL storytellers

Apr 15 2015 @ 7:00PM

We hope you’ll join us on April 15th at 7pm for Revival and to celebrate and support Jimmy’s No. 43 reopening! Click here for additional info and to  RSVP. Now, let’s get to know the four storytellers who’ll be swapping their stories on Wednesday.

Jessica Cannon is a New York City based actress and voiceover artist whose voice can be heard in national television commercials and radio spots for major brands such as Twizzlers, ALL, Citibank, AT&T, Hershey’s Kisses, Coffee Mate, Nexxus, Smirnoff Ice, Nesquik, and many others. Her work also includes voicing promos, cartoons and video games. She is an avid reader and a classically trained musician. If you’re young enough, you may remember her from your potty training days as the host of Potty Power, the number two best-selling potty-training DVD on Amazon (no pun intended, Elmo beat us to the number one spot).

Mark Pagán is an award-winning filmmaker, comedian, and writer living in Brooklyn. His performances and films have been showcased at places such as PBS, Slamdance Film Festival, Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater, The Moth, People’s Improv Theater, Studio Theatre, Le Poisson Rouge, and Kramer Gallery.

Matthew Trumbull is an actor and writer, and was featured as a storyteller earlier this month in Soundtrack Series at QED in Astoria.  He will next be appearing in the play The Butter and Egg Man produced by Retro Productions at the Gene Frankel Theater, opening May 15th, and the feature film ‘The Spike’, written by Mac Rogers.  Previously this year, he starred in the opera/theater piece The Velvet Oratorio by Edward Einhorn and Henry Akona, and the play The Temple by Nat Cassidy, at the Brick Theater.

Barbara Christina Witmer is co-editor of the 99 Pine Street online literary journal (99PineStreet.com). She received her  degree in English: Creative Writing from the University of Rochester. Since then her work hasbeen published in The Golden KeyEunoia ReviewFarther Stars Than TheseWhole Beast Rag, and Xenith. She is also working on finishing her first novel. Find her on Twitter via @bwchristina.

Event Information

Apr 15 2015 @ 7:00PM

Jimmy's No. 43, East 7th Street, New York, NY, United States

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