No, YOU Tell It! storytellers work together to develop true tales on the page, then swap stories to embody their partner’s culture, identity, and life experience on stage. Our collaborative approach to storytelling values cooperation over competition. Pairing up story partners to speak each other’s words aloud in a live performance empowers voices and creates a more profound sense of empathy for the storytellers and audience members. 

Community programming in Queens is at the heart of our mission. While No, YOU Tell It! is not exclusive to Queens performances, the series has thrived due to the spirit and support of the Queens creative community. Queens is the largest and most diverse borough in New York City, and our series provides its artists and residents with an outlet to experience each other’s stories.

Take a look at what goes into each of our shows! This special performance at Symphony Space raised money and awareness for the education nonprofit Bottom Line, which supports students from under-resourced communities as they get into college, graduate, and go far in life. 

Series creator Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons brought four friends together in May 2012 for what was meant to be a one-time creative experiment. For that first show, founding member Erika Iverson wrote a raw story about her mother’s recent death. At one point in developing it, she turned to her story partner and said, “I don’t think I can read this out loud. But I can let you read it.” After the show, Erika expressed relief over facing her anger “by proxy” and gratitude to her story partner for being willing to go through the experience for her. We knew that night we had something special in No, YOU Tell It!, and Erika stayed on the creative team as a story director and dramaturg. 

Since then, we have produced 52 live shows, worked with over 200 artists from varied disciplines (authors, actors, educators, poets, comedians, visual artists, photographers, musicians, and more), and encouraged people who might not have experience writing, performing, or both to tell their stories.

After the story partners are paired up and trade tales, the storytellers often share that their focus shifted solely to their partner’s story during rehearsal: “I just want to do their story justice.” This sense of camaraderie shines through on stage at the show. Audiences witness the community created when story partners help each other share the stories that need to be told.

We celebrated ten years of switched-up storytelling in 2022 with the launch of the No, YOU Tell It! Ten-Year Anthology from Palm Circle Press. This collection of story swaps is not a “best of” but a showcase of how our collaborative process makes writing and performing personal narratives accessible, empathetic, and transformative. The result is a vibrant anthology that illustrates the history and development of the series over the past decade.

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The No, YOU Tell It! Team

Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons
Creator and Producer
Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons is a writer, educator, and storyteller based in Astoria, Queens. Her work has appeared in HILOBROW, Marie Claire, Hippocampus Magazine, and she is the editor of the No, YOU Tell It! Ten-Year Anthology 2022, available from Palm Circle Press. Kelly Jean works as a college essay writing instructor through The Center for Fiction and at several NYC high schools helping students find and craft personal essays that open a window into their unique character for admissions officers. She created and produces No, YOU Tell It!, a nonfiction series that brings together storytellers to trade tales, speak each other’s words, and empower voices on the page and stage. Learn more about Kelly Jean and her work on her website.
Tim Lindner
Producer, Social Media and Story Coach
Tim Lindner is a course developer, poet, and college Writing Instructor at Middlesex College. He’s published poems in 300 Days of Sun, The Citron Review, The Northern Virginia Review, and more. He also owns a small business, Revisionary Writing and Editing LLC, where he helps people write their resumes, college essays, books and more. He’s been helping No, YOU Tell It! since 2020 as a co-producer, social media content creator, and storytelling coach for the program’s virtual and in-person shows. He edited a collection of stories and poems about death and grieving published by Tolsun Books in 2023.
Erika Iverson
Founding Member, Director and Dramaturg
Erika Iverson is a New York based theatre artist, writer and storyteller. She is proud to be part of the creative team at No, YOU Tell It! where she serves as director, dramaturg, and cheerleader for non-linear storytelling. Thanks to her association with La MaMa ETC, Erika was able to act in Germany, to create an original dance theatre piece in Italy, and to perform Ionesco’s The Lesson in the country of the playwright’s birth, Romania. Erika has also performed at The Cornelia Street Café, the Abington Theatre Company, The Knitting Factory, and Judson Street Church. She has created original roles as a featured actor with the Magis Theatre Company and This Is Not A Theatre Company. In addition to her work with No, YOU Tell It! she has directed shows for One Woman Standing and the United Solo Festival.