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Meet Our “Migration” Storytellers

Mar 22 2017 @ 7:00PM

Who are our “Migration” storytellers for Wednesday’s show? I’m so glad you asked!

Ken Crossland is a writer, children’s book designer, podcaster, and comedian from New York City. He’s the founder of the Curious Civilian, a website dedicated to politics and policy, and is a contributing editor to the Huffington Post, writing about government. You can follow him on Twitter (@kencrossland), curiouscivilian.com, or by typing his name into Google, and seeing what comes up.

Elisa DeCarlo is a writer/performer who has performed solo shows around the country, including the critically acclaimed “Toasted,” based on a real-life murder case, and “I Love Drugs”. Her work has been collected in “Cervix With A Smile: Comic Sketches and Plays by Elisa DeCarlo” (Exit Press). She has written comedy for National Public Radio, TV Land and Nickelodeon.  Elisa is also a novelist, writer of “The Abortionist’s Daughter,” “The Devil You Say,” and “Strong Spirits”, the latter two published by Avon.  As a journalist she has been published in The New York Times, New York magazine, Sarah Lawrence magazine, and others.

Erika Iverson is a director and dramaturg for No, YOU Tell It! and has participated in almost every one of their shows as a director, performer, or both. She is a certified instructor of the Alexander Technique and an enthusiastic director of one-woman shows. She was last seen on stage at La Mama ETC as a clown of ambiguous gender and the embodiment of Air in Magis Theatre Company’s production of Calderon’s Two Dreams. She is super grateful to Kelly Jean, who provides Erika with deadlines and shames her into showing up for things on time. Thanks KJ!

Leslie Malaika Lewis is an actress, writer and producer best known for creating the solo show Miracle in Rwanda. She is the leading lady and lead producer of the film With Child, available for streaming on iTunes and Amazon. Leslie starred as Dorothy Dandridge at the National Black Theater. A Harvard graduate, she has a MFA in Acting from UCLA. Awards: The Streisand Sony Award at UCLA and an AUDELCO and Jessie Award nominee. She is a proud member of Actors’ Equity, The Magis Theater Company and The Actors Center. She thanks God, her family and friends for their support.

See you at 7 pm at Jimmy’s No. 43. We will open the back room right at 7 for the show, but feel free to come early for drinks/food in the bar area. (no min or max on either!)

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Event Information

Mar 22 2017 @ 7:00PM

Jimmy's No 43 (43 East 7th btwn 2nd & 3rd Aves)

Up Next: Our “Migration” Show

Mar 22 2017 @ 7:00PM

Our next show is in ONE WEEK. See you back at our old stomping grounds, Jimmy’s No. 43, for a night of switched-up stories inspired by the theme “Migration” from:

Ken Crossland, Elisa DeCarlo, Leslie Lewis, and our very own Erika Iverson!

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Check back soon to meet our “Migration” storytellers!

Event Information

Mar 22 2017 @ 7:00PM

Jimmy's No. 43 (43 East 7th between 2nd and 3rd Aves)

NYTI & TLR team up at AWP17!

Our own Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons and Mike Dressel had a blast trading true-life tales with the editors of The Literary Review – Minna Zallman Proctor, Jessie Vail Aufiery, and Heather Lang – at the 2017 AWP Conference & Bookfair in Washington, D.C.

Here’s a few fun moments from our “Deleted Scenes” themed story swap on February 9th.

Audio soon! SUBSCRIBE to our podcast on iTunes and GooglePlay. Curious about what we do? Click here to WATCH and learn more about No, YOU Tell It!

Save the date for No, YOU Tell It! “Migration” back at our usual haunt Jimmy’s No. 43 on March 22nd at 7 pm!

What is “switched-up” storytelling? Watch and see!

Ever wonder what No, YOU Tell It! is all about? Take a look:

Thank you to friend and alum Ellie Dvorkin for producing this lovely inside look at No, YOU Tell It! Check out more of Ellie’s brillance as an actor and artist at elliedvorkin.com.

Want to see us in action? Good news! We’ve got two great shows coming up:

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Episode 32 – Alter Egos

A gig playing the role of mystery woman at the bar – part of a scavenger hunt team building exercise – has the narrator of “Agent Hotpants” questioning what it means to play games.

From our “Alter Egos” show, here is Katherine Barron performing “Agent Hotpants” written by Debra Disbrow.


Pictured left to right Katherine Barron and Debra Disbrow. Photo credit: Gili Getz.

Do we carry ourselves throughout the day as Dr. Banner or The Hulk? Hulk or Banner? Some days negotiating the shared space of the MTA can unleash our inner transit monster. Debra Disbrow performs “Not Afraid of the Dark” written by Katherine Barron.

These stories were performed live at Jimmy’s No. 43 on September 17th, 2013. Episode 32 narrated by Mike Dressel.

Here are the “switched-up” storytellers bios from that evening:

Katherine Barron up and quit her day job, what a gift! She journeyed north in 2002 from NC and will be here until the wind shifts. Days are filled with auditions, paid gigs, standardized patient work, writing, and tea with friends. Despite the overwhelming resemblance, The Incredible Hulk is not her brother. www.katherinebarronarts.com

Debra Disbrow is a performer, writer, director and educator based in NY. She has created original work for Dixon Place, Clown Theater Festival, Movement Research, Triskelion Arts, Fury Factory, Live Arts, Philly Fringe, Walnut St Studio and others. She was a resident interdisciplinary artist at Earthdance ElMerge for two seasons and sings on various recordings with the Roadside Graves and musician Jeremy Benson. Founding member of Workshop for Potential Movement and The Stenographers. MFA in Theater from Naropa University.

Episode 30 – Noted

First up from our “Noted” show is a story about accepting your accomplishments and honoring your failures. Of gratitude in the face of disappointment. Of learning to take the note as they say in the theatre – when to wear the mask and when to let it fall away. Here is Jim Cairl performing Stephanie Willing’s “Anybodies Came From a Small How Town.”


“Noted” Artwork by Allison Gazdik – read about her inspiration below.

In this story of freshman year of college, newfound freedom, and the history of the Roman Empire, our narrator learns the importance of preparation and paying attention to instructions. Switching it up, Stephanie Willing performs Jim Cairl’s “Lacuna.”

These stories were performed live at Jimmy’s No 43 on June 3rd, 2013. Here are the “switched-up” storytellers bios from that evening:

Jim Cairl (in addition to being a gigantic nerd) wrote an adaptation of the Maupassant short story Madame Tellier’s Establishment that was performed at Theater for the New City’s Dream Up! festival last year and was a writer on the Web series “Intersection.” As an actor, Jim is a founding member of The Mighty Theater, and appeared in True West, and An Apology on the Course and Outcome of Certain Events as Delivered by Doctor John Faustus on This His Final Evening. He also performed in the One Minute Play Festival at Primary stages, several shows in the New York Fringe Festival, and in the independent feature film, “Homecoming” with Josh Hamilton. He also won on the TV Quiz show “Jeopardy” and (briefly) talked to Alex Trebek.

But, far more important than any of the preceding is his amazing wife, Victoria and the very nearly fully ripened baby she is busy tending.

Stephanie Willing is an actor/dancer/writer, and she is thrilled to be doing two of the three at the same time with No, You Tell It! She has performed with many indie theater companies including The Theater Accident, Blue Coyote Theatre, Nosedive, Piper Mackenzie, Gemini Collisionworks, and many Brick Theater festivals. She recently choreographed for Rosie the Retired Rockette (EstroGenius Festival), Blood Brothers Present…(Nosedive), and The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival performance of Feiffer’s People.  Her writing has been presented by the Writer’s Voice, where she continues to study memoir and creative writing.

We reached out to Allison Gazdik to come up with original artwork for our “Noted” show and here is what she had to say about the theme and how she devised this fantastic image:

The idea behind this piece for the “noted” theme was one of lessons learned. The first image that came into my head was of someone in the rain, as some of our most valuable lessons come from painful experiences. The well-known quote people usually think of is “that which does not kill us makes us stronger” by Friedrich Nietzsche. I wanted to take a colorful and slightly humorous approach to the idea by depicting a gray Nietzsche under a rain of colors, a fitting blend of optimism and pessimism towards life’s lessons. 

You can find more of Allison’s work on deviantart and in her portfolio.

Live Shows in 2017 including our AWP Event!

Looking forward to some “switched-up” storytelling in 2017?

FIRST UP, we are excited to bring No, YOU Tell It! to the 2017 Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) Conference & Bookfair in Washington D.C. in February!


Our AWP event features a dynamic team-up with The Literary Review as our own Mike Dressel, Minna Zallman Proctor (Editor of The Literary Review and author of the forthcoming Landslide), Heather Lang (co-editor of Petite Hound Press: a port for poetry and art), and Jessie Vail Aufiery (World Literature Editor for The Literary Review) trade true-life tales inspired by the theme “Deleted Scenes.”

Can’t make it to D.C. on Feb, 9th? No worries, here are the dates for our 2017 shows at Jimmy’s No. 43:

  • March 22nd, 7 pm
  • May 17th, 7 pm
  • September 20th, 7 pm
  • November 15th, 7 pm

But why wait? Click here to give a listen to our No, YOU Tell It! podcast featuring switched-up stories from our live shows. You can also SUBSCRIBE on iTunes or GooglePlay Music.

New “Two on Tuesday” episode coming next week!

Episode 29 – Elected

Our recent show fell the day after the presidential election and was a special evening of swapped stories, welcome laughter, and free hugs.


pictured left to right Christopher Green, Nick Martorelli, and Susan Ferrara

Kicking off the night, which featured a tri-flip of three true-life tales inspired by the theme – Yep, you guessed it – ELECTED, Nick Martorelli takes his role as snack food judge quite seriously in “Mr. Adventure.” Read for us here by Christopher Green.

Switching it up, our next story travels back to a time when the Cubs winning the World Series was still a far-off fantasy. At 4 am, however, the lines between imagination and reality blur. Nick Martorelli reads “The Wizard” written by Susan Ferrara.

Finally, closing out our tri-flip, Susan Ferrara reads “Flex” written by Christopher Green, co-host of The Prose Bowl, about  his days working in the cryogenically frozen world of a K-Mart in Kentucky.

These stories were performed live at Jimmy’s No. 43 on November 9th, 2016. Click here to check out the storytellers’ bios.

Meet our “Elected” Storytellers!

Nov 09 2016 @ 7:00PM


Chalk art version of our logo courtesy of alum & friend Marcos Stafne.

Our last live show for 2016 is one week away! We are meeting with our “Elected” storytellers tonight to workshop the second drafts of their stories.

Want to meet these brave souls who just met each other for the first time two weeks ago? Sure you do:

Susan Ferrara – WRITER: BUZZ (Dir, Carrie Preston; Winner, Reverie Next Generation Award; Atlantic Theater Company, NYTW readings; Finalist, Baltic Residency; WP Lab Semi-Finalist; Honorable Mention, Jane Chambers Award);  THE SILVER KITCHEN (Naked Angels, Tuesdays@9), THE WONDER (Writer/Actor, Directors – Julie Ann Emery/Kevin Earley, Best Production/International United Solo Festival, Doric Wilson Award (nom), William Saroyan Human Rights/Social Justice Award (nom), terraNova’s New Play Series), GERTRUDE (advanced to second round, Sundance MENA Lab; under consideration, Orlando Shakespeare PlayFest, DecadesOut workshop; semi-finalist, Bridge Playwriting Contest (pending)). ACTOR: Public Theater, Actors Theatre of Louisville, Onion News Network; award‑nominated series regular,  THEN WE GOT HELP (Julie Ann Emery, writer/dir), AEA/SAG/AFTRA/DG/terraNova Groundbreakers alumna.

Christopher Green is a recent New York transplant from Cincinnati, currently residing in Brooklyn with two roommates and one slightly internet-famous cat. He holds both a BA and MA in English, helping him to reach his ultimate goal of raising underemployment to an art form. His stories have appeared in several journals and magazines such as Burner, The MacGuffin, and The Ampersand Review. He is currently working with his agent to publish two novels, one of which is sort of about vampires but not really and it’s kind of a whole big thing and maybe he just shouldn’t have brought it up. Christopher came up with the idea for The Prose Bowl watching crickets fight in his back yard.

Nick Martorelli moved to NYC five years ago. Before then, he worked as an actor, substitute teacher, window salesman, tour guide, carpenter, grant writer, janitor, administrative assistant, company manager, scarecrow mascot, and freelance writer. Since moving to NYC, he has performed with Accidental Shakespeare, Underling Productions, and he is one half of the writing duo MuMa, who are still looking for an agent. Are you an agent? Whether or not you are, you can follow along at @NickMartorelli and @BeamersBeerCo.

After tonight, they have one more chance to revise their true-life tales before they FLIP SCRIPTS and perform each other’s stories for YOU on November 9th. Join us! 7 pm! FREE.

Click here to RSVP via Facebook.

Event Information

Nov 09 2016 @ 7:00PM

Jimmy's No. 43 (43 East 7th btwn 2nd and 3rd)

Episode 28 – Firsts (Part 2)

Only want to be free
We huddle close
Hang on to a dream

Iracel Rivero contemplates her life in America and her first trip back to Cuba after leaving as a small child, and along the way tries to answer the question –Where are you from? Miriam Lipner reads “I Came Over on a Boat.”


pictured left to right Miriam Lipner and Iracel Rivero

Switching up the stories, Miriam Lipner explains what happens when an Israeli-born mom takes her American children back to visit the mother country. Entering the country is great, but when you want to leave, Mama Israel makes demands. Here is “First Performance,” read for us by Iracel Rivero.

These swapped stories are from our second show, ironically themed “Firsts,” and were performed live at Jimmy’s No. 43 on Monday, July 30th, 2012.

Here are the switched-up storytellers’ bios from that evening:

MIRIAM LIPNER  is very excited to be a part of this project!  Some favorite roles include Joan La Pucelle in Henry VI (Judith Shakespeare Company), Lady Percy in Henry IV Parts 1 and  2 (ShakespeareNYC), Hermia in A Midsummer Nights’ Dream (Queens Players), Ellen/Marian Spitzer in Vaudeville or Bust (Stage Door Acting Ensemble), and  Little Simone in Quantum Poetics (Stolen Chair). She can also been seen as the Great Pirate Lackbeard in the web series Pirates vs Hobos. Love to Salvatore.

IRACEL RIVERO: in the spirit of the evening’s theme, this is Iracel’s first foray into writing.  Thanks for your patience. She recently purchased a record player.  If you have comedy LPs, please let her know.  She may invite you over for tea and sandwiches.

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