Listen up for a story of online dating and childbirth, the contrast between big moments and small gestures, and lives moving at different paces — where a near stranger knows the right words and sometimes you get blood on your shoe. From our “Just Desserts” evening, here is Nicole Greevy performing Julia Granacki’s “Dessertbeforedinner78.”


pictured left to right Nicole Greevy and Julia Granacki – photos by Gili Getz

Switching up the stories, the mortification of missing a question on a television game show calls the author’s sense of self, and worth, into question. Here is Julia Granacki performing Nicole Greevy’s lesson in humility entitled “Smart.”

Want to hear more from the one-of-a-kind mind of Nicole Greevy? Click here to give a listen to Episode 7 of the paranormal podcast Uncanny County: Rainbow Magic Kittens (come on! how could you not?) written and produced by Nicole.

Stories performed lived at Jimmy’s No. 43 on 9/24/2012. Here are the storytellers’ bios from that evening:

Julia Granacki is the author of “Dessertbeforedinner78” and has had an indecisive and confusing career. Some highlights include: Head Makeup Artist for Cirque Du Soleil’s La Nouba, performer/collaborator in Alternate Plan Production’s experimental dance theatre piece The Beauty Project and dancer/collaborator in their short dance film Bella, Costume Designer for several shows at The Vineyard Playhouse, Wig Designer for several shows at The Wilma Theatre, Performer in Tuesday at the Prince Theatre, and Director of Tod Kimbro’s My Illustrious Wasteland at the 2009 NY Musical Theatre Festival. Currently, as her alter-ego Haikulia, she writes haikus about zombies and other subjects at She also directs, produces and performs in the webseries Hot Mess at

Nicole Greevy is the author of “Smart” and is thrilled to be working with No, YOU Tell It! She recently finished shooting the comedic pilot, “Extreme Parenting” (co-written with her husband, Todd Faulkner). Other work includes the webseries Exorcists Local 667, and educational short plays  for the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Milwaukee Zoo.  Love to Todd and Griffin, who are both awesome.