It’s the Fiction Edition! For this special anniversary show, we invited a few of our favorite storytellers back to experiment with a change from our usual true-life tales.

Spending time with your family over the holidays? It isn’t always as perfect as we hope it will be. An attempt to re-capture the past backfires in Katie Johnston’s story “Back to the Beach,” read for us by Todd Faulkner.

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Todd Faulkner & Katie Johnston perform live at Jimmy’s No. 43 on June 21, 2015. Photo credit: Larry Auerbach

Todd Faulkner is the co-creator of the paranormal podcast Uncanny County. Fans of that podcast will recognize this story as a prequel to Episode 4, “Coulrophobia.”

For those who haven’t listened yet, trigger warning: CLOWNS. Switching it up, here’s Todd Faulker’s “Clowning Around,” performed by Katie Johnston.



Want to take a trip to Uncanny County? Click here to listen to their special holiday mini-episode “On a Christmas Uncanny” written by Todd Faulkner.

This month, our weird tale takes the form of a holiday poem: Sheriff Rowland tries to capture her annual visitor – a mythological creature that’s been raising a ruckus on early Christmas mornings since she was a small child…

Suitable for all ages.