Citizens of Earth! Episode 4 features a pair of sweetly geeky swapped stories from E. James Ford and Nicole Greevy. Part of The Brick’s Comic Book Theater Festival, for this special edition our ‘Legacy’ storytellers based their true-life tales around this stunning piece of comic art created by Sha-Nee Williams.

Legacy collection

In turn, the fantastic Sha-Nee attended the collaborative workshop sessions we hold to develop the stories on the page and generated an individual image for each story that appeared on stage at the festival. WAIT, the parade of talent we have been fortunate enough to work with continues…

Impressed by No, YOU Tell It!’s slick new website? ‘Legacy’ storyteller E. James Ford made it! That’s right, he’s a kick-ass writer, performer, AND web designer. Check out more of his work here.


Stories from our ‘Legacy’ show at The Brick Theater on June 8, 2014:

League of Absence written by E. James Ford & performed by Nicole Greevy was directed by Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons

Nerd: The Next Generation written by Nicole Greevy & performed by E. James Ford was directed by Erika Iverson.