Today’s “Two on Tuesday” stories are from our ‘Revival’ show recorded live at Jimmy’s No. 43.

How much should we reveal about ourselves? And what exactly do we leave behind?  Jessica Cannon contemplates these questions for the digital era in her story “Internets is Forever,” performed here by Matthew Trumbull.

Revival photo

How often have you found yourself in the midst of a terrible situation from which you couldn’t escape? What if you were literally center stage? Switching it up, Jessica Cannon performs Matthew Trumbull’s harrowing tale, “Last of the Metamoras.”

These stories from our ‘Revival’ show on April 15th, 2015, at Jimmy’s No. 43 were directed by Erika Iverson. Here are the storytellers bios from that evening:

Jessica Cannon is a New York City based actress and voiceover artist whose voice can be heard in national television commercials and radio spots for major brands such as Twizzlers, ALL, Citibank, AT&T, Hershey’s Kisses, Coffee Mate, Nexxus, Smirnoff Ice, Nesquik, and many others. Her work also includes voicing promos, cartoons and video games. She is an avid reader and a classically trained musician. If you’re young enough, you may remember her from your potty training days as the host of Potty Power, the number two best-selling potty-training DVD on Amazon (no pun intended, Elmo beat us to the number one spot).

Matthew Trumbull is an actor and writer, and was featured as a storyteller earlier this month in Soundtrack Series at QED in Astoria.  He will next be appearing in the play The Butter and Egg Man produced by Retro Productions at the Gene Frankel Theater, opening May 15th, and the feature film ‘The Spike’, written by Mac Rogers.  Previously this year, he starred in the opera/theater piece The Velvet Oratorio by Edward Einhorn and Henry Akona, and the play The Temple by Nat Cassidy, at the Brick Theater.