We reached out to artist Letisia Cruz – one-half of the dynamic duo at Petite Hound Press – and asked her to create an original piece inspired by our upcoming show theme “Blanked.” The result was Galaxy Girl!


We asked Letisia what inspired her to create this interstellar image and here is her reply:

Galaxy Girl was inspired by the theme BLANKED. To blank or to be blank is to be devoid of information, such as a blank page or a blank wall. But it is often in moments of absolutely emptiness that we are most in tune with nature and the natural (dis)order of the universe. As the arrow of time moves forward and the universe continues to expand, so does our capacity for chaos. The world we live in is both terrifying and fascinating. This drawing is my small contribution to disorder. With disorder comes endless possibilities.

For more fantastic work from Letisia Cruz check out Petite Hound Press Рa miniature press based out of Las Vegas and Miami run by two tattooed, poetry-writing, art-loving ladies. Visit petitehoundpress.com.

Come out next Wed, September 14th for No, YOU Tell It! “Blanked” at Jimmy’s No. 43 at 7pm!