pictured left to right: Tiffany L. Berryman, Andrew Condouris, Eliot Schrefer

Since our own Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons started No, YOU Tell It! six, WOW, yes, six years ago one of her favorite things has been going out to Fairleigh Dickinson University to switch-up stories with students, faculty, and alums from their Creative Writing MFA program.

Earlier this summer, authors Tiffany L. Berryman, Andrew Condouris, and Eliot Schrefer were given the theme “Schooled” to inspire this terrific trio of true-life tales. We all worked together to develop their pieces on the page. Then, on the final morning of FDU’s summer writing residency, they took to the stage to perform each other’s stories:

The Sky Under the Umbrella

written by Eliot Schrefer

performed by Tiffany L. Berryman


Every Witch Way

written by Tiffany L. Berryman

performed by Andrew Condouris


The Turtle

written by Andrew Condouris

performed by Eliot Schrefer


Stories were performed live on Sunday, August 5th, 2018 at FDU. Directed by Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons.

Click here for more pics and to learn more about our switched-up storytellers.