When the healthcare system fails to provide information and resources on how to handle perimenopause, the narrator of our first tale takes matters into her own hands.

Give a listen to No One Told Me written by Julia Granacki, performed by Hannah Leland, and directed by Marcos Stafne. Click here to give a listen to Julia’s perimenopause podcast Circling the Drain!

Click here to watch a live stream of the show via YouTube.

Story partners: Julia Granacki and Hannah Leland

Switching it up, our second story takes us on a journey of exploring womanhood and femininity, with all of the tension of expectations, reality, and identity in between.

Finally Arriving was written by Hannah Leland, performed by Julia Granacki, and directed by Marcos Stafne

In celebration of Women’s History Month, the first in-person show of our 10-year anniversary season took place at Culture Lab, LIC, in Queens on March 7th, 2022.