May 18 2023 @ 7:00PM

While working on the “Here & Gone” highlights, I tried so hard not to let myself think of what my story for No, YOU Tell It! would be. I wanted to come in fresh like the other storytellers and participate in the generative workshop from scratch like them. I had absolutely no idea where this process was about to take me. – Rosalie Chandler

Last but not least, our final storyteller is also the author of the Queens “Here & Gone” Highlights drawn from the archives of the Greater Astoria Historical Society. For this special show, the storytellers engaged with the history of the Westinghouse Time CapsuleNorth BeachAstoria Pool Sentinels, and The First Photocopy to inspire their modern-day true tales.

The process helped Rosalie, like all of our storytellers, tell personal stories they may not have otherwise. We can’t wait for you to see them swap stories and step into each other’s life experiences.

Grab your tickets for Thursday’s show here and meet Rosalie!

Rosalie Chandler is a long-time attendee of classes and workshops held by NYTI creator Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons. She has been working for way too long on a memoir about her stay in a New York City psychiatric hospital. Rosalie has written for the national magazine of the National Stereoscopic Association and won the Lou Smaus Award for Best Article on Modern Stereoscopy in 2018. She is a former board member of the Greater Astoria Historical Society, where she wrote and presented several lectures, and a current board member of the non-profit Flight for Sight.

Event Information

May 18 2023 @ 7:00PM

Grove 34 (3183 34th St., Astoria)