Last night, our own director & dramaturg Erika Iverson eloquently told a story about losing her mother to cancer and the moments of “Grace in the World” where she finds her again.

Erika originally developed this story as part of our Religion show, where it was performed by her gallant partner Jorge Cordova.

The way Jorge embodied and honored Erika’s story at our first show was so powerful, but watching Erika bring everything full circle by stepping back into her shoes and sharing her deeply emotional experience was a true moment of grace.

The event was Bloom: Becoming Who You Are an evening of storytelling and song produced by OSNY Productions benefiting City Harvest.

The musician following Erika complimented her on her performance saying,

They say vulnerability is the new currency…

To which, Erika immediately threw her hands up in the air and shouted,

I’m rich!!

Thank you to all of the NYTI switched-up storytellers we have worked with over the last 3 years. Your stories, generosity, and vulnerability has made us rich!

You know, in a George Bailey kind of way. We’re still working on the other way. More soon…