Today’s “Two on Tuesday” story swap is from our ‘Fear Itself’ show – Edward Campbell finds himself across the globe on the search for the perfect symbol to ink on his body, only to return home with something more meaningful.

First up is “Tattoo” written by Ed Campbell and performed by Dana Klinek.

Fear Itself photo

Meanwhile, Dana Klinek’s “Eddie the Nut Job” is a tale of harassment and attempted home invasion by an unlikely culprit. Switching it up, Edward Campbell performs her story.

Fun Fact: Dana Klinek married the man who so gallantly offered to come over and rescue her from Eddie and is now Dana Pinter.


These stories were directed by Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons and performed live at Jimmy’s No. 43 on April 17th, 2014. Here are the storytellers’ bios from that evening:

Edward Campbell loves stories. He loves to tell them, to act them, and loves to be taken in by them. He ran his first theatre company in college. They built the set in his backyard and rehearsed in his utility shed. He has worked on stage, back stage, in front of the camera, and behind it throughout his entertainment career. He is currently producing a documentary with his amazing wife, Ilana, about blind New Yorkers. Check it out at He is thankful to No, YOU Tell It! for allowing him to play the writer this time around.

Story: Tattoo

Dana Klinek (now Pinter) is very excited to be a part of NYTI. She is a director for the AP Program at the College Board and previously worked as aneditor at the educational publisher Pearson Longman. She has a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and an M.S. in Publishing from New York University. Dana is passionate about travel, a good bottle of Malbec, Flywheel spin classes, great literature, and ice cream on Sundays. She looks forward to marrying her fiancé, Jason, later this year, and she hopes to vanquish her nemesis, Eddie (you’ll learn about him at the show), for good.

Story: Eddie the Nut Job