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Episode 24 – In Transit (Part 2)

We give our storytellers a new, evocative theme for each No, YOU Tell It! and ask them to come into our into our initial story meeting with a first draft inspired by that theme, allowing wide space for interpretation.

For our “In Transit” show, Colby Black and Brian Hutchinson brought in distinct, yet perfectly parallel, stories of their love affairs with cars.

Meet Erica, a souped-up temptress who lured Brian to spend his scholarship money on her. And, in the days before GPS, it wasn’t easy to find his way home. Read by Colby Black, here is Brian Hutchinson’s story, “One car: $2500.”

in-transit-photo(pictured left to right: Colby Black and Brian Hutchinson)

Switching up the stories, rare model Jolene led Colby Black all the way across the country.  Complete with a soundtrack by the Talking Heads, here’s Colby’s cross-country journey read by Brian Hutchinson, “My God, What Have I Done?”

Check out Colby’s latest creative endeavor, Renaissance Person, which he describes as “a happy hour for the insatiably curious” at RenaissancePerson.com.

Their next live event RP Presents: September Curiosity Quenchers is on 9/25 and you can click here for all the information.

Episode 11 – In Transit

For this special episode, you can LISTEN to these switched-up stories from our live show and READ Molly’s story at The Literary Review via TLR SHARE.

In “Song Lines,” a singer/songwriter has an adventure in Ireland and finds all sorts of new doors opening for her. The remarkable Rebecca Hart will be appearing in The Civilians’ “Rimbaud in New York” at BAM in March, a development for which we can take absolutely no credit.

Read for us by Molly Touger, please enjoy “Song Lines” written by Rebecca Hart.

In Transit Photo 2

(pictured left to right – Molly Touger and Rebecca Hart.)

Switching it up, a young person leaps to conclusions in what should be a carefree setting, but all is not as it seems… Molly has just returned to New York from a year living and working in Mexico, which you can read about in her blog at MuchasDonas.wordpress.com.

But before you do, give a listen as Rebecca Hart performs “SeeyouinthemorningIloveyougoodnight” by Molly Touger.

This episode was recorded live on a particularly rocking night at Jimmy’s No. 43 as part of our IN TRANSIT show on July 30th, 2013. The stories were directed by Erika Iverson.


Molly Touger is a Bostonian turned Brooklynite who has, over the course of her career, worked as a journalist, barista, publicist, instructional designer, and busboy. She recently returned from a year serving as communications manager and kayak guide for a nonprofit language school in Mexico’s Zona Maya. Among her favorite things about that job were apprising visitors of the fact that the Maya aren’t dead.

NY-based actress and songwriter Rebecca Hart once accidentally won a comedy contest in Dublin Ireland while appearing as musical guest. Born into a theatre family, she was onstage for the first time at nine months old and has been writing and performing music for only a slightly shorter time. Recent credits include ‘At the Vanishing Point’ & ‘Luna Gale’ at Actors Theatre of Louisville and ’10 Out Of 12′ at Soho Rep, all with director Les Waters. Hart is an Associate Artist with The Civilians and will be composing/performing with them in ‘Rimbaud in NY’ at BAM this March. She is currently at work on a new recording with acclaimed cellist & songwriter Ben Sollee. Everything else at www.rebeccahart.net