Vern-o, no one believes that crap about moons and goochers anymore, it’s baby stuff! Now come on, flip again.


We had our kick-off story meeting last night for No, YOU Tell It! “No Vacancy” on March 23rd! The switched-up storytellers we booked for the show met each other for the first time and brought in rough drafts of their true-life tales inspired by the theme “No Vacancy.”

Each installment of No, YOU Tell It! features stories inspired by a different theme, such as “Three Strikes” or “Temper, Temper,” and part of the excitement is seeing how four people interpret that idea in unique and personal ways.

Last night, for the first time, all four storytellers brought in stories about the SAME THING. But so incredibly not the same, as each story reflected their varied takes and experiences. Still, weeeeird…

Their first drafts are so great – we’re calling it a MOON. No Goochers here, baby!

Want to know what the stories were all about? Save the date, March 23rd, for No, YOU Tell It! “No Vacancy” 7 p.m. at Jimmy’s No. 43, FREE, with switched-up stories from Sydney Beveridge (Free Mic Fridays at Q.E.D.), Laura Epstein Forer (ParentalLeaveLetter), Bard Hovenga (Newtown Literary Issue #7), and Liz Simons (Laugh It Up, Astoria!)

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Event Information

Jimmy's No. 43, 43 East 7th between 2nd & 3rd