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Alum Fun Update: Nelson Lugo’s “Cheating Death: Magic, Memoirs & Mortality”

Nelson Lugo’s one-man shows feature slight-of-hand and are full of heart as he interweaves magic with storytelling. We were honored to have him develop a deeply personal story with us for our “Wild Card” show. Click here to give a listen to his true-life tale “Crazy Sad” about magic, mental institutions, and the miracle of a well-made cookie in Episode 16.

Coming up on April 7th! Grab a ticket see Nelson’s newest show – Cheating Death: Magic, Memoirs & Mortality – a personal examination of one magician’s life – or more specifically – his many brushes with death.

The raw vulnerability in the stories is heightened by the wonder, intimacy, and sometimes danger of the classically performed parlour magic. The result is a joyful celebration of life and all of its varied deaths.

Click here for more info and to buy tickets.

Alum Fun Update: Jenn Wehrung’s “Takin U Back”

Along with being the co-host of Laugh It Up, Astoria, Jenn Wehrung from our “Three Strikes” show also has one of the funniest and most entertaining podcasts around.

Give a listen to Takin U Back, where Robb & Jenn dissect a given year in terms of pop culture, history, and more! Three episodes – 1977, 2003, 1968 – available on iTunes or Soundcloud with more soon.


See you on May 10th for our No, YOU Tell It! “Mayday” show at The Astoria Bookshop.  Check back for info on the storytellers!

Alum Fun Update: Alex Gray’s “Photo Play”

Alex Gray first switched-up her true-life tale in our Urban Dwellers show. Later, she took part in an impromptu on-the-spot story swap with our own Mike Dressel. Click here to give a listen.

Coming up on March 21st – ONE NIGHT ONLY performance at Dixon Place – is Alex’s original piece Photo Play about personal snapshots: how they connect us, shape our identities, and dictate the stories and memories that remain after we’re gone. Alex workshopped portions of the script our NYTI alumnae sessions, which she stated were –

“Invaluable in helping me clarify the characters and hone the overall intention of the piece. As rehearsals roll on, I’ve been thinking a lot about those early sessions, and how having the opportunity to hear the text read aloud and (gently) teased apart with helpful questions was a crucial part of the development process. I am so grateful to have had the attention and input of NYTI’s talented crew.”

Did we mention Photo Play is one night only? Click here for more info OR here to buy tickets.

With original music by Ben & Kris Stoker, and a cast that includes Coco Conroy, Ivanna Cullinan*, Jane Kahler*, Renita Lewis, and Margaret O’Sullivan. Original portraiture by Steve Baird.

We are so proud of Alex and excited to see how what we read in those early sessions comes to life on stage. Hope you can join us on March 21st!

Don’t forget to SAVE THE DATE for our next show! No, YOU Tell It! “Mayday” at The Astoria Bookshop on May 10th.