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Thank you to everyone who came out to our very first NYTI Fiction Edition last week. Especially, our four fabulous switched-up storytellers who rocked the house:

Raquel I. Penzo

Jim Cairl 

Todd Faulkner

Katie Johnston

Audio of the night will be available soon. Also, a hearty clap for Larry Auerbach who took these stellar photos! 

We are getting ready to take a break and reboot for the fall. BUT, good news, you have one last chance to catch a NYTI show this summer!!

This Monday, 6/29, at Q.E.D. in Astoria the ladies from our “Tongue-Tied” workshop Lily Abra Burd,Vivian M. Chabrier, and Katie Johnston will take the stage to swap the true-life tales they’ve spent the last month developing on the page. PLUS special storytelling guest Mark Pagán!

Click here for more info and to RVSP.

Register For Our Storytelling Intensive at Q.E.D. Astoria


Write your story. Perform someone else’s. Two days, two ways to explore storytelling with No, YOU Tell It! 

We’re excited to offer a switched-up storytelling intensive at Q.E.D., a new workshop and event space located in Astoria. You can learn more about Q.E.D. here.

We believe everyone has a story to share, and our two-part intensive provides a supportive space to experience the creative, vulnerable, and ultimately elating process behind both writing and performance. There is limited enrollment, so participants will receive individual attention from the NYTI creative team.

Some nitty-gritty on the way the workshop will be conducted:

Session 1 (11/15, 2-6 p.m.) Participants will be guided through a series of writing exercises to help them draft an impactful nonfiction story.

Between sessions, participants will work on their story. While they are busy writing, we will pair the stories – and switch-up the storytellers – based on how they complement each other.

Session 2 (11/22, 2-6 p.m.) Flipping scripts, participants are coached through performing their partner’s story. Then, the paired partners perform one another’s stories for the group.

You will leave the intensive with a draft of your true-life tale on the page, experience performing someone else’s on stage, and feedback on what direction you want to take your piece in next.

The fee for the workshop is $50. NOTE: Class is limited to 8 students and advanced purchase is mandatory. If you cannot attend both sessions, you will not be refunded so please keep this in mind when signing up!

Click here to register. As always, you can email us with questions or concerns. We love to hear from you!