We opened our ten-year anniversary season with a virtual tri-flip of stories from across the country. Listen now to hear about a picture-perfect day at Vacation Bible School gone wrong, a revealing trip down Death Road to the Amazon, and an evolving mother-daughter relationship.

We also asked our authors to present their answer to this question: “What are three objects that YOU from 10 years ago would be surprised to know hold such value for you now?”

Anniversary Apart Storytellers and No, YOU Tell It! Creative Team

Fun fact: These stories were performed via Zoom, but the recorded applause is from a No, YOU Tell It! show of yore. 

Anniversary Apart Stories:

  • “Watermelon ‘Sugar'” written by Chris Crowthers, performed by Gaby Martineau and directed by Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons
  • “Bolivia” written by Gaby Martineau, performed by Jenna Struble, and directed by Amanda Sisk
  • “Fifty” written by Jenna Struble, performed by Chris Crowthers, and directed by Amanda Sisk