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Show, Workshops, & Alum Updates!

Our next show is June 5th at Grove 34 in partnership with the Greater Astoria Historical Society. SAVE THE DATE!

But first… Come tell your story at writing workshops led by NYTI producers Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons and Tim Lindner. Kelly Jean leads a monthly Sip & Scribe at Sunnyside Arts.  Register HERE for Friday, March 1.

Plus, don’t miss her “Queens & Me: Personal Writing Workshop” at The Astoria Bookshop on 4/17.

Tim leads a monthly Write with Flights at Departed Soles Brewery in Jersey City. Click HERE to register for this month’s, which is coming up fast on Thursday, February 22.

What have our NYTI Alums been up to? So happy you asked! Here are some fun updates.

Monique Peterson performs at Jimmy’s No. 43 in 2013. Photo by Gili Getz.

SPECIAL WEST COAST SHOUT OUT to MONIQUE PETERSON from our “Alter Egos” show, who will be the only spoken word story performer in the upcoming Center for the Arts open mic showcase in Nevada County, California, this Wednesday, February 21.


GABRIEL BEREZIN produces and hosts the podcast FUGUES.

Gabriel Berezin swaps stories with Courtney Frances Fallon in Ep 38: Blowback Part 2. Give a listen here!

 New episodes coming out next month! What is Fugues? The quick answer – it’s The Moth with neuroscience and music (and a bit of sci-fi…) 

More details at:


ROSALIE CHANDLER is stepping up to perform her “Here & Gone” story from our first team-up show with the Greater Astoria Historical Society next month for RISK!

Rosalie surprises her fellow storytellers with Westinghouse Time Capsule buttons at our “Here & Gone” show at Grove 34.

Helmed by “College Try” storyteller Kevin Allison, RISK! is a live show and weekly podcast where people tell true stories they never thought they’d dare to share in public. Come join us to see how Rosalie’s story has grown now that she’s doing the telling.

RISK! Live in NYC & Online 

Thursday, 3/21/24

Caveat, 21 A Clinton Street, New York, NY 10002

9:30 PM  / Doors 9:00 PM

Tickets: http://risk-show.com/live


CHRIS CROWTHERS (center square) opened up a shop with his husband last year in Narrowsburg, NY!

Project Weekend: Weekend Goods for Good Weekends. Check it out HERE.

Give a LISTEN or WATCH Chris’s story “Watermelon Sugar” in our Anniversary Apart online show from January 2022!

They sell Men’s Clothing + Accessories and Outdoorsy + Weekend Inspired Goods. Follow them on IG: @projectweekendny


Founding member MIKE DRESSEL recently profiled the Choreographer Bruno Isakovic for the Gay & Lesbian Review. Note: The piece hasn’t gone up yet, but it will run HERE soon. Maybe even by the time you check!

Mike Dressel hosts our 2019 “Snapped!” show. Give a listen and read Mike’s intro about our special Stonewall50 story swap at Dixon Place in the NYTI Ten-Year Anthology.

He also has a Bookshop.org affiliate site where he’s curated some reading material. Check it out and shop through the link: https://bookshop.org/shop/Dressel


MATT STORRS was recently on The Moth (2/13), and you can listen to the episode (available 2/19) here!

Photo: Top left: Matt Storrs; Top right: Maria Rubio; Bottom left: Ellie Dvorkin Dunn interviews Matt Storrs

Give a listen to Matt’s “Punch Up” swap or WATCH the full show live-streamed from Culture Lab.

Matt also filmed Stories from the Stage in Boston on 2/14, and last but not least, keep an eye out for him at the NYC Fringe in April! We’ll share more info as it becomes available.


Congratulations to AIDA ZILELIAN for her newly released novel All the Ways We Lied, which explores the commonality of sisterhood through the eyes of four unforgettable women who have nothing in common except that they are bound by Armenian blood and history.

Upcoming Book Events!

New York/Queens


Rhode Island

  • April 19 – Riffraff Bookstore 
  • April 20 – Watertown Library
  • April 21 – St. Sahag Church

Back in NYC/Queens!

  • April 27 – Lincoln Center: Key speaker for Genocide Awareness
  • May 9 – LIC Book Culture

Top left: Jenn Wehrung; Top right: Story partners Aida Zilelian and Jenn Wehrung; Bottom left: Ellie Dvorkin Dunn and Jenn Wehrun; Bottom right: Aida Zilelian

Give a LISTEN to Aida’s “Punch Up” swap or WATCH the full show live-streamed from Culture Lab. You can also watch other past shows on the NYTI YouTube channel.

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Episode 61 – Anniversary Apart

We opened our ten-year anniversary season with a virtual tri-flip of stories from across the country. Listen now to hear about a picture-perfect day at Vacation Bible School gone wrong, a revealing trip down Death Road to the Amazon, and an evolving mother-daughter relationship.

We also asked our authors to present their answer to this question: “What are three objects that YOU from 10 years ago would be surprised to know hold such value for you now?”

Anniversary Apart Storytellers and No, YOU Tell It! Creative Team

Fun fact: These stories were performed via Zoom, but the recorded applause is from a No, YOU Tell It! show of yore. 

Anniversary Apart Stories:

  • “Watermelon ‘Sugar'” written by Chris Crowthers, performed by Gaby Martineau and directed by Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons
  • “Bolivia” written by Gaby Martineau, performed by Jenna Struble, and directed by Amanda Sisk
  • “Fifty” written by Jenna Struble, performed by Chris Crowthers, and directed by Amanda Sisk

Watch “Anniversary Apart”

We wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who was able to come out to “Anniversary Apart” the first show of our ten-year anniversary season! It was truly incredible to hear those stories come to life and see such great performances from each of the storytellers. Click here for the show program.

Sad you missed? Good news! Watch the show here:

Congratulations to our trivia winners who will receive a donation in their name to Friends With Four Paws and a puppy named after them! And what a lovely chat we had afterward. What a way to kick off the year!

If you want, you can still make a $15 suggested tax-deductible donation in support of the series. Pay what and only if you can – more is always welcome! Click here to donate.

And lastly, save the date! Our next show will be in person at Culture Lab, LIC and live streaming on March 7th – stay tuned for more information.

Event Information

“Anniversary Apart” Program

Jan 27 2022 @ 7:00PM

Show is tonight at 7 pm ET! If you haven’t already, register at nyti-anniversary-apart.eventbrite.com

The storytellers you are about to meet, met each other for the first time earlier this month and collaborated together to develop their true-life tales inspired by the theme “Anniversary Apart” on the page. Tonight they take the virtual stage to step into each other’s stories and experience perspectives and identities that are not their own.

Take a look at our storytellers.

Tonight’s Stories!

Watermelon “Sugar” written by Chris Crowthers, performed by Gabriela Martineau, and directed by Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons.

Bolivia written by Gabriela Martineau, performed by Jenna Struble, and directed by Amanda Sisk.

Fifty written by Jenna Struble, performed by Chris Crowthers, and directed by Amanda Sisk.


There is a $15 suggested tax-deductible donation in support of the series for tonight’s show. Pay what and only if you can – more is always welcome! Click here to donate.

Story Trivia

Pay careful attention because the show will end with a round of story trivia. Winners receive a $35 donation in their name to benefit Friends with Four Paws. Plus, a puppy named after you! 

Didn’t win a prize but want to donate to Friends with Four Paws? Visit their website friendswithfourpaws.org and follow them on social media @friendswithfourpaws

Thank you!!

Huge thanks to Noah Diamond, Amanda Sisk, and Timothy Lindner for all their work producing our third virtual show and for all their support as longtime alums and friends of No, YOU Tell It!

Shoutout to Jenn Wehrung for all her work volunteering with Friends with Four Paws and helping make tonight’s puppy prizes happen!

A Word from Kelly Jean

On a personal note, I’m excited to announce that this show also kicks off No, YOU Tell It’s 10-Year Anniversary Season. I created this series a decade ago and found purpose in helping people share in the stories that need to be told.

Switching stories to embody each other’s racial and cultural experiences in a live performance creates the kind of empathetic connections that are essential as we enter year three of this pandemic.

Want to support 10 more years? Here are 3 great ways:

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All my love,
Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons


Event Information

Jan 27 2022 @ 7:00PM

via Zoom!

Meet “Anniversary Apart” Storyteller Chris Crowthers

Jan 27 2022 @ 7:00PM

Today is the adoption anniversary of our next storyteller’s dog, NILES, from our friends at Friends with Four Paws!

Come out (or log on, rather) to tomorrow’s show to play story trivia to support the #BettyWhiteChallenge and Friends with Four Paws where you’ll have the chance to have a puppy named after you! Click here to register. 

But first, meet our final “Anniversary Apart” storyteller, Chris Crowthers!

Chris Crowthers: Hailing from the midwest, Chris has now lived in NYC for 24 years.  He attended Indiana University and NYU: Tisch school of the Arts and had the opportunity to perform in several national tours, regional theaters and concerts and benefits in NYC.  Chris can be seen in commercials for Snickers, KIND Bars, and NYU Langone Health, as well as others. He now is a Fitness Instructor at Mark Fisher Fitness where he has the honor of training the most amazing humans on the planet.

Event Information

Jan 27 2022 @ 7:00PM

via Zoom!