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Watch “What I Know”

Happy International Women’s Day! We’re so grateful these amazing people shared their stories with the world yesterday. With this year’s #breakthebias theme, we’re celebrating the women, gender non-conforming individuals, and allies across the world fighting to eliminate stereotypes and discrimination.

Couldn’t make the show last night? View the Culture Lab live stream below (show starts at 2:10 min) and keep an eye out for our podcasts in the coming weeks. If you feel moved, consider donating here to help us keep bringing stories like these into the world.

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Watch “Anniversary Apart”

We wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who was able to come out to “Anniversary Apart” the first show of our ten-year anniversary season! It was truly incredible to hear those stories come to life and see such great performances from each of the storytellers. Click here for the show program.

Sad you missed? Good news! Watch the show here:

Congratulations to our trivia winners who will receive a donation in their name to Friends With Four Paws and a puppy named after them! And what a lovely chat we had afterward. What a way to kick off the year!

If you want, you can still make a $15 suggested tax-deductible donation in support of the series. Pay what and only if you can – more is always welcome! Click here to donate.

And lastly, save the date! Our next show will be in person at Culture Lab, LIC and live streaming on March 7th – stay tuned for more information.

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Episode 19 – No Vacancy (Part 1)

Beginning our recent “No Vacancy” evening at Jimmy’s No. 43, a semester abroad is nearly ruined by one aggressive, sloppy, dim-witted, and perpetually horny housemate in Laura Forer’s story of her time in Spain.

Give a listen to Bard Hovenga reading “No Comprendo.”

No Vacancy 1

Switching it up, Bard Hovenga’s inaction results in an less-than-ideal roommate set-up, one made even more complicated by a he said/she said encounter that leaves the narrator trapped between the past and his future.

Here is Laura Forer reading Bard’s story “Rachel and Seth.”